There are a number of Incomplete, both known and unknown to the record keepers called

the Seer Sayers. 

The more ancient a forest is the more Incomplete it can make. A forest can be home to many Incomplete at once and sometimes the same forest can go centuries without an Incomplete's gentle touch.

These forest spirits tread lightly and aspire to heal the forest as they search for items. They don't actively seek each other's company but on the rare occasion that they come across one another they'll  trade items in an attempt to help each another become complete. 

While most items that the Incomplete pick up are common like twigs, rocks, and acorns there are some items that are more special than others. 


The Incomplete will sometimes find crystals, precious stones, horns and antlers, rare objects, and lost human items to put into their chests. The more special items that they put in their chests may have added benefits for the Incomplete. These items may change the Incomplete's appearance, as well as give them a boost in speed, strength, or evasiveness.

"We're all spirits and 
ghasts, products of the past, 
searching for trinkets and loved ones."

- Asper the Incomplete- 

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